5 Things I Learned From New Media Expo (NMX) Las Vegas


What I learned from the Amazing New Media Expo (NMX)
The H & M store on the Vegas Strip in Ceasars

I was blessed to be able to attend NMX. It was a passionate goal I set for the New Year. Attending NMX to me was a way to start the year off right. To be the best you must learn from the best. New Media Expo (NMX formerly BlogWorld) is where the best bloggers gather. It was an humbling experience to be amongst the best podcasters and bloggers like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Chris Ducker of Virtual Staff Finder, Jason “Jay” Van Orden, and Jeremy “Sterling” Frandsen of Internet Business Mastery. And Leslie Samuels of Interactive Biology.

Pat Flynn’s wonderful podcast inspired me to come to New Media Expo. I’m thankful to have met Chris Ducker of Virtual Staff Finder. In Chris Ducker’s session, I truly learned the tangible benefits to outsourcing work effectively. I value meeting Jay and Jeremy in person from InternetBusinessMastery.com. I was amazed by the live podcast presentation of Leslie SamuelsInteractive-biology.com.

I loved learning from all these wonderful presenters. Even more, meeting other bloggers and podcasters at my same level. But here are the 5 things I learned that I found most valuable.


5 Things I Learned From NMX Las Vegas:
1) Get Started

The one thing I saw was most fulfilling to me is that everyone was tremendously helpful. EveryoneIMG_2777 was happy doing what they were passionate about. They all enjoyed blogging, podcasting or teaching. But the biggest point that I learned from them all was they had to start somewhere. They all started with getting their ideas on paper and working toward that goal.

Internet Business Mastery speaks to finding your hungry audience and feeding their urgent pain or irrational passion. This passion speaks to exactly what I love doing. I enjoy helping people. These guys encouraged and gave me the confidence to continue doing my blog. They also inspired me to start something new just as they did 10 years ago now with InternetBusinessMastery.com


2) Organize Your Thoughts

I have a type A personality. I have a tendency to see the forest, and develop an algorithm to take down all the trees over a 8 month period. At the same time, I’m looking to build a rocket ship heading toward the moon right after the forest is clear. I’m considering the road ways I need to build to ensure my astronauts can get there. I’m also looking at the delivery process for rocket fuel and the equipment for the ship. My challenges, sometimes I’m simply wondering how to get there. It starts with just writing the vision and making it plain. I love the idea of just getting a working plan on paper that just helps you organize your thoughts. It helps me to reach the dream as long I believe.


IMG_2712 3) Get a Mentor

This part sounds crazy, but mentorship is a crucial aspect of business. It’s great to get a real time personal mentor. Internet Business Mastery offers a wonderful course on becoming a success in the passion of your choice. Leslie Samuels also has a great program helping people to podcast like the pros.

But it is effective for you to get mentorship also from books you read. There are many great books that helps to grow your business just from picking up the book from someone whom has walked the walk and now sharing it with you. Amy Jo Martin’s book is an amazing example of a real world education, that you get from reading her example of what she did that helped he become the go to guru for people like Shaq or Dana White from UFC.


4) Persevere

NMX Las Vegas


IMG_2825Everyone comes to a point where they are challenged. But in those moments, don’t give up. One thing I can say about my trip to Vegas that was factual for me is I was tired. I caught the flu right before traveling. So I flew out to Las Vegas at a time where I was fighting the cold weather and a cold literally. I barely had any energy to do anything when I was at the event. I had a goal of meeting 100 people and exchanging at least 100 cards. By the end of the day, I met the 10 crucial contacts I desired. But I didn’t quite get to 100 contacts. I met roughly 47. But I can say I have stories and memories about every person I authentically met. I remember every session. I remember the time there and the relationships I built. I probably could have met my 100 goal if I had the energy at the end of the day. But I did the best I could with the energy I had.

That said, I met presenters who spoke to the times they were tired. Pat Flynn even spoke to how he works from 9 PM till 3 AM on some days to get his work done for his blog. Pat does some interviews when the children are sleep during the day. He works around the schedule of his family to get his best and most productive work done. That said, he does all this while only using 2 Virtual Assistants. It amazes me to see how people make things happen. They persevere today to bring about a better tomorrow.


5) Embrace Your Mistakes

No one is perfect. But one of the best presentation I’ve seen was by Leslie Samuels at NMX. Leslie didl a live podcast with enthusiasm. He did the presentation with some mistakes included. Some mistakes were on purpose. Other mistakes were just technical glitches. But as a whole, it was the most exciting presentation I attended, and it was a live broadcast that showed how he does his show. It was a live example that showed me what was possible. He gave me the inspiration to go out a purchase the bossjock studio software literally right after his presentation to start podcasting. So not only was it a great presentation, his presentation had me take action right after it.


Nothing Beats Your Own Resolve

Bill BelewI attended a presentation from a great Blogger Names Bill Belew. He gave so much insight into what it is to be a successful blogger that generate 1,000,000 impressions. Bill broke down what it took be be a
blogger that makes a full time income in blogging and truly not even been hugely popular. Bill broke down his literal steps for success. The biggest thing Bill stated was that “Nothing Beats Your Own Resolve.”

Habakuk 2:2 is one of my favorite scripture. It speaks to writing the vision and making it plain. I wrote down the vision I had for my blog. I believed in the vision for my blogs success. It’s blessed me that others also believed in that vision. It doesn’t matter what you do if you don’t believe you can do it. But when you resolve to do it no mater what, that is when the game changes.

I resolved month ago that I would make it to the conference in Las Vegas. I didn’t know how I would make it there. I didn’t know exactly what I would get from NMX. But I resolved to know that it was going to happen. I saw the vision of me being there. Now having attended, I am humbly thankful for the blessing NMX was to me. I am humbly thankful to all those whom helped me get. The support from the church, friends and family that made it possible. And to quote my Pastor Browning From Ebenezer AME I know “The best it yet to come!”

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  2. Lashawn says:

    Blogging was a foreign language to me until I went to NMX. It was something I had never experienced before myself Monty. By attending a function like this, and meeting such awesome presenters, really openend my eyes to why people are so passionate about blogging.

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