Sandy, Sandie, Sandi vs Katrina

Sandy, Sandie, SiOn October 29th 2012, Sandy hit the East Coast.  The entire day Monday it rained in the coastal area.  It poured and the wind continued to bluster.  I was amazed at the timing and impact.


Sandy in Maryland

I just so happened to have gone to the Newseum’s Storage Anex to do some work.  The Newseum has so much history in one place that I was amazed by the idea that this stuff what in storage.  They have periodical to period pieces.  One thing I noticed was the USA Today stand.

This was the stand as it stood after the storm.  It still has the paper in it from August 28-29 when the storm hit.  I just so happened to take a picture of this pic right before Sandy hit the East Coast.  The powerful storm which came ashore about 8 PM on today.   Ocean City has been in a state of emergency and the board walk of Ocean City destroyed.

In Atlantic City New Jersey, Mayor told inhabitant to hunker down.  The Governor Chis Christie was befuddled by the Mayor choice and hopes that people don’t get stranded in the flood.  The challenge is the tropical storm’s flood will be more of a problem now than it was before.  We expect several hours more of rain and another high tide before people can even get to save them from the Sandy safely.

New York City got so overwhelmed that 911 was overladed and they asked people to call 311 for down trees and power lines.


Some say that they will write stories about this storm.  The damage is yet untold.  This is the storm of the century and the century is still young.  The 900 mile storm was one that impacted 15 states. Sandy operate as a NorEaster in West Virginia, a Hurricane Delaware and Tropical Storm in New York City.  The storm suspended both presidential campaigns.

While the clean up has yet to start I reflect back to the cost of Katrina.  The stats of Hurricane Katrina are staggaring according to Wikipedia:


Fatalities: 1,833

Damages: 108 Billion

Areas affected: (5 states)  Bahamas, South Florida, Cuba, Louisiana (especially Greater New Orleans), Mississippi, Alabama, Florida Panhandle, most of Eastern North America


The stats of Hurricane Katrina are:

Fatalities: 101+ (known at this time) 60 Million People Impacted

Damages: unknown but certainly Expecting 50 Billions

Areas affected: (13 states & Washington DC)  Washington DC, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont,

Full Moon: Which added to the high tied

Arctic Blast: Which merged with the storm that made this storm huge and able to impact many states in many different ways. The expectation for Baltimore Maryland is over 10 inches of rain.  39 miles per hour or higher wind from now until Tuesday evening.  The winds are expected to die down in what is now considered a Post Tropical Cyclone / NorEaster / Hybrid Storm.

I look at the scripture:  Psalm 71:20

“You have made me endure many terrible troubles.

You restore me to life again.

You bring me back from the depth of the earth.”

I pray for all those enduring the storm.  I pray for the perseverance of those whom seek to help.  I pray for the rest to those whom


New Jersey being the hardest hit they have some options for people to operate.

ATTEN Displaced voters in NY and NJ! You can now vote via e-mail or fax.  Dail 1-877-658-6837 or 1-877-NJ-VOTER) or go to NY displaced voters please dail 1-855-697-7263 0r 1-855-NYS-SANDY)

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