@Twitter “I found your wallet”

@ Twitter I Found Your WalletA friend told me this social media story I thought was amazing. He worked in a highly populated suburban metro area. One day coming out of the cleaners he found a wallet. No phone number, or business card. No real visible way to reach out to the wallet’s owner. So in this day of social media: What do you do when you find a lost wallet? You google the owner of course.

My friend found a few people who might fit the description. One in particular seemed to be a match. One challenge, they were a twitterer and my friend was not. So open up the account they did. I know; all this to return a wallet right? But in this case, there was no other way.

The two exchanged public tweets then private chat to exchange info. They then finally met to exchange the wallet. Turns out the owner worked at a gym and knew my friends office. They exchanged pleasantries, the wallet, and shared an amazing story.

@Twitter “I found your wallet”: Social Media

I am a social media expert.  What that taught me is I truly know nothing about social media.  I say that to say, I’m familiar with the top 15 social media sites and their reach.  I’m familiar with what works on Twitter, but will not work on Pinterest.  I’m familiar with the story of why Squidoo was created and howAmy Jo Martin's Book Google started google+.  This stuff I know.  But what I didn’t realize is that it’s the personal context of social media.

My pastor spoke to a point this weekend.  Social medias biggest players were social misfits looking to connect with people.  They created a process where you can be disconnected but still feel connected.  It’s an interesting perspective.

Seth Godin speaks to how people are becoming tribal.  The separate niches are allowing the weird to feel a closeness that they never felt.

Amy Jo Martin spoke to how we are all people just trying to connect with each other as people.

@Twitter “I found your wallet”: The Niche

This weekend, I spoke to 20+ people over 30+.  They consistently stated “I don’t do Facebook”.  They then continued to speak to the niche of social media they do and why they do it.  One said, “I tweet with people about sports and spirituality”.  Another stated “I’m on instagram because I like looking at pictures and comments.”  Many people had various reason why they completely disconnected from social media.  The fact remains everyone has a niche and most people are looking for that connection.

@Twitter “I found your wallet” I want to help you


My friend at the beginning of this just wanted to help that person that lost their wallet.  This message speaks to how we connect now.  Life is no longer B to B or B to C its P to P “Person to Person”.  I learned that in Las Vegas at the New Media Expo.  This was taught by the social media maven Amy Jo Martin of Digital Royalty .  She taught a great deal.  Among the topics I learned, this point was something I emphasized.  This is a point that I simply didn’t fully comprehend until my friend found the wallet and helped out the other person through social media.





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