What is Podcasting & Why Podcasting Important

Today I was tremendously blessed. I was able to meet with my mentor “The Chairman” and his group of though leaders and life long millionaire. In this meet I learned a tremendous amount. Irony, I was blessed to teach as I learned.

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a modular approach to video or audio information delivery that is as effective offline as it is online. To be clear, when a device completes the download of a podcast, you no longer need to be connected to the internet to consume the content. The videos podcast, don’t buffer when downloaded. Audio podcasts are important because they allow people to listen to audio content when doing other things.

Apple Defines Podcast as:

“A podcast is an episodic program delivered via the Internet using an XML protocol called RSS. Podcast episodes can be audio files, video files, documents, or any combination of the three.”

The best podcasters, incorporate all three elements in Podcast. Video is a challenges because it takes more bandwidth to download & more focus to watch. But all three elements of a podcast can come in handy when it comes to branding your business or message.

Apple use to have podcast in iTunes. They moved the feature to a stand alone item. It was a change many people are not happy with but we really didn’t have a choice. Apples tips for podcast fans

Why is Podcasting Important?

I struggled to understand the difference from blogging to freelance writing. I took 2 years to learn what the difference were in my perspective of the two mediums. I’ve learned key tips on podcasting which you van get exclusively on fiverr. In the process of my research, I started a blog. In starting a blog I learned that most effective blogs have podcasts. Don’t get me wrong; there are some blogs that do not have podcast. That said, they very effective blogs have podcasts.

Now why is podcasting important. Bing, Google, and other algorithmic base search tools love blogs. They see blogs as valuable authentic tool for information:

How Many Blogs Are There?

This is the 1 hundred million dollar questions. Every day there is a new blog created. Well, to be clear there are 100,000′s of blogs created each day. So to a degree any number stated here will be inaccurate as soon as I type it. But one sources, Eric Pangburn stated conservatively, over 238 Million Blogs. PodcastAnswerMan Cliff Ravenscraft the true guru of podcasting consistently, states there are over 450 Million blogs. Regardless of the number, the number is changing daily.

How Many Podcast Are There?

This too is an interesting element of fact. Minter Dial of TheMindset.com states:

“Chronicling of podcasting is quite hazy and intermittent, certainly if compared to other media. If you refer to Wikipedia, there are some 150,000 podcasts (no source given) now available in total (all languages). PEW Research calculated that there were 90,000 in 2010 (up 30% from 2009); I will make the assumption that PEW calculated only English language podcasts. If we project that the growth in English podcasts continued, there would be over 115,000 English language podcasts today. In terms of categories, the vast majority are listed as general or unknown, a sure sign that the podcast market is not mature (see the PEW Research ranking below).”

Now again, conservatively If you would expect the same 30% growth per year from 2010 – 2013 not giving consideration to the completion of the year you would see the following:

Original Year Growth Rate New Year Number:

2009 From 69,230 30% 2010 90,000

2010 From 90,000 30% 2011 152,100

2011 From 152,100 30% 2012 197,730

2012 From 197,730 30% 2013 257,049

The Podcast Mastermind Author of the Podcast A – Z course whom has taught more Podcast leader than anyone else constantly says there are over 250,000 podcast in existence which supports this conservative estimate. The Cliff Ravenscraft has spent well over 10,000 mastering podcasting and blogging. In addition, he has created over 3,000 hours of podcast content over the course of his podcasting career.

What can podcasting do for you?

Cutting to the chase, with 450,000,000 blogs out there and growing its a challenge to get notices. You need to produce great content daily and be constantly networking. Podcasting allows you to create great content and become and industry authority in your niche. From that point on, you can be the go to person for your area that allow you to be larger than your competitors which allow you to get more of the target audience than they do.

But the biggest thing about podcasting is, search engines love podcasts. Search engines love video too. But podcasts are keenly high on search content partly because people want to save time and money. If you can help them save time or money you are able to reach an audience at their needs. If you can empathize with the audience and deliver great consistent content, the podcast is your vehicle to have people listen to you for far longer than read you blog or even go to your website. The highest website usage is facebook and they have a 34 minutes stickiness with the average user. By stickiness, I mean the users spend on average 34 minutes on the site per day. The average podcast listener will listen to a podcast for over a 1 and not blink an eye. Many will rewind the podcast and take more time. Podcast help you reach a larger audience for a longer period of time.

If you are interested in learning more about podcasting specific to your niche click the link below to get your tips on podcasting.

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