What “Podcast Answer Man’s” Cliff Ravenscraft Taught Me at NMX

NMX was fantastic. I loved every minute of it. I learned more than I imagined. It was a humble blessing just to be in the building with people whom passionately did what I aspire to do, blog better.

What PodcastAnswerMan's Cliff Ravenscraft Taught Me at NMXI hoped the event would give me a clue as to how to proceed with the blog. I believed New Media Expo (NMX) would be a personal trek to learn from the best. My plan was to leave with hopes of being a better blogger.

I arrived a day early to Las Vegas NMX. It was the best possible cost for the flight to get there early. I was in Las Vegas Friday. Which left Saturday to plan the route to the Rio Convention Center. I didn’t stay at the Rio. In fact, I didn’t stay on the Strip. To be clear, I stayed downtown. To those whom know Las Vegas this all makes sense. Rio was not on the Strip, but it was about a mile from it. I stayed downtown which was near the government buildings and the little Vegas motels, all with Elvis impersonators and Justices of the Peace for weddings. Rio was 20 minutes from my hotel and 5 minutes from the Strip in Las Vegas.

I planned out my navigation of the hotel. I walked the course a day early. Much to my surprise, there was early registration. I registered and was blessed to meet Leslie Samuels. Leslie was a presenter on the NMX podcast track. Leslie gave me much insight and stated that Cliff Ravenscraft was the coordinator of the podcast track. He stated how amazing Cliff was in helping him develop his process. The next day I was blessed to meet Pat Flynn right as he registered as an NMX presenter. He too recommended Cliff Ravenscraft and the podcast track.

What “Podcast Answer Man’s” Cliff Ravenscraft Taught Me at NMX: Faith

I walked into Cliff Ravenscraft’s session with high expectations. Leslie Samuels & Pat Flynn are two podcasters I respect. In fact, I’d heard Pat Flynn’s interview of Cliff Ravenscraft. I checked out his site for a second but didn’t follow-up. But now I was into it. I was committed to learn. Committed to grow. I was committed to walk away with something of value. I had faith and belief that I was going to learn something pivotal to podcasting success.

Cliff spoke many points of purpose but faith was a key element. I didn’t expect that. Cliff was a former Pastor who had much experience in front of congregations. That key element to me made me more comfortableNMXle with Podcasting and Cliff.

What “Podcast Answer Man’s” Cliff Ravenscraft Taught Me at NMX: Authentic

Cliff Ravenscraft spoke about his first set of podcasts which were about the TV show “Lost”.  The fact that he with his family created another exceptionally passionate podcast on “The Hunger Games.”   In setting up the hunger games profile, he showed how you can develop a system to get 6,000 followers in a very valuable aggressive process.

The biggest point was be interested in your subject.  If you wish to connect with an audience, you have to have a real relationship with the subject.  Cliff really liked the book “The Hunger Games”.  Cliff really loved the show “Lost”.  He created podcasts in both that spoke to a passionate audience that desired to have a conversation about the subject.  If you only have a passing interest in it, you will not have the same connection with that audience.  People can tell when you are authentic.  When you are natural in your element it shows.

What “Podcast Answer Man’s” Cliff Ravenscraft Taught Me at NMX: Enthusiasm


Another great point Cliff mentioned was don’t be boring.  Be remarkable.  Be memorable.  Be Enthusiastic.  The enthusiasm you show goes a long way.  Enthusiasm means a lot to me.  I learned in my fraternity the value of enthusiasm.  To me if it’s boring to you, it’s boring to the audience.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well and with enthusiasm.

Cliff gave 8 pivotal points to successful podcasting. These podcast tips taught to us in the class were remarkable. I found these 8 tips to be crucial and plan to implement them.  Here is the list of 8 tips:

1) Define the audience

2) Content is king (Consistent can’t live without content)

3) Entertainment goes a long way (Don’t be boring)

4) Be Enthusiastic (My personal favorite)

5) Bring your authentic self

6) Keep it positive (The world needs hope)

7) Pre-show preparation (5 minutes of show notes dictated to a virtual assistant who puts it in HTML and publishes it is tremendously valuable)

8) Post production (Crucial element for a professional podcast as you wrap all these elements up

Leslie Samuels & I

together in an exceptional package)

What “Podcast Answer Man’s” Cliff Ravenscraft Taught Me at NMX: Relationships

The one point Cliff didn’t cover but I learned from his session was the value of relationships.  Pat Flynn, Leslie Samuels, and many other successful NMX Podcasters were both fans and friends of Cliff Ravenscraft.  They influenced me with their work.  They motivated me to meet Cliff.  They motivated me to work with Cliff.

The valuable relationship Cliff managed to maintain garnered him a new fan and client from NMX.  The point is, I truly see the value of building authentic relationships.  I hope to grow and help others develop the same kind of wonderful relationships with good friends willing to help me help others.

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