Who Else Hates Windows 8?

IMG_0178One of the many things I learned from NMX was to write with passion.  One of the significant things I learned from Bill Belew was to write consistently.  I have a consistently passionate distain for windows 8.

Let me caveat this:

1) I’m an Apple shareholder. Small, but that makes me bias.

2) I’m a Steve Job’s fan.  Again makes me biased.

My MacBook Pro

My MacBook Pro

3) I primarily use Apple devices.  In fact I’m writing this on a Macbook Pro (See the pic)

4) I passionately believe Apple makes an effective product system

5) I know you still need Windows devices for some things


There was a time where I would sit on the sidelines and observe as Microsoft released its additions and would say nothing.  It really didn’t matter to me.  I wasn’t impacted so “Who cares” was my thought.

This time it’s different.  First, I have to work with a PC.  I’m working with a Student addition of Microsoft Office 2010 for PC.  It works. I have a friend that is a student and use their computer periodically.  They are not a techie so they rely more on me for technical input.  When getting the computer it was a comparison of getting Windows 7 or getting Windows 8.  I figured get the biggest bang for the buck with the latest and greatest computer.  So, Windows 8 was the choice with the following specs:

  • 6 Gigs of RAM
  • 1 Terabyte Hard Drive
  • 23 Inch All-In-One Monitor
  • 6 USB Ports with Ethernet connection (I know its kind of like saying a new car with 4 new tires, but I’m saying it anyway)
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse along with W
  •  SD, MS & xD Card reader
  • CD & DVD Reader and Writer (I know standard please see item 4)

Nice machine.  Not spectacular.  It is not a solid state hard drive though the systems bus can handle it.  It might help to upgrade to the solid state for my friend in time and take the internal 1 Terabyte and make it into and external bluetooth 1 terabyte. I know Geek speak so I will cut to the chase.

NMX Las Vegas

NMX Las Vegas

Why I Hate Windows 8? 

Its annoying.  I like new nimble technology.  Windows 8 is functionally  illiterate.  Granted, I’m continuously incompetent when it comes to Windows 8.  But I understand basic Windows commands.  I first thought, maybe its me.  Am I the only one that doesn’t like Windows 8?

I started to ask around.  I started to tweet about it.  I started asking others on Facebook.  I just wanted to know who else felt my pain.  Turns out a lot of people do.  We all have the same challenges with Windows 8.  Windows had great commercials for Windows 7.  Everybody was taking credit for the great ideas in Windows 7.  Windows 8 has better commercials, but nobody wants to take credit for this debacle.

Who Else Hates Windows 8?

I just came back from Las Vegas where I saw a number of nice new digital gadgets.  I left right before the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) began.  And 1 day before I could use the free Alicia Keys tickets with backstage passes I was offered by a friend (brutal).  But I was humbly thankful for every moment I was at NMX.

In the NMX session, I learned specifically for podcasting in the format I need to have two computers.  I need the Macbook Pro depicted above.  And I need the PC.  Well technically I could use another Macbook Pro or any Mac but I’m not doing that right now.  To the point.. Windows 8 does in 45 steps what use to take 3.  What Windows use to do in 3 steps on a Mac takes 2 sometimes 1.  That is significant when it come down to simplicity.  I like doing it simple, right, and efficiently.

Who Else Hates Windows 8?

Spiritually 8 stands for new beginning.  7 is considered the number of completion (as in 7 days of the week).  So it makes sense that 8 would be the number that is identified with new beginnings.  I can my Original iPad Boxappreciate that this Windows 8 would be a new start for windows. Unlike any other release, Windows 8 is a drastic change for Windows.  In theory, it looks great.  Windows 8 looks innovative.   The new design looks unique.  In design, I can say for the first time that Windows 8 doesn’t look or act exactly like an original Mac Idea that Microsoft made and effort to add, modify, enhance or change.  For that, I applaud Microsoft.

Now here is the rub.  Beyond the scope that Apples address is 1 Infinite Loop (i.e 8 which is the visual representation for infinity). Microsoft made Windows 8 principally for the tablet market.  With a touch screen.  Windows 8 is functionally sensible.  You touch the tiles you want to activate.  You make the screen operate the way you design it, what you create is placed in front.  In that is similar to the iPad scope with a windows look and feel.  Windows approach is a cross solid state platform.  There are two challenges to this approach:

1) Surfing on a computer is different than surfing on a tablet

2) Surfing on a computer without a touch screen is FAR and WAY different than surfing on a tablet

Apple addresses this by having different platforms for the iPad and mobile devices, vs the MacBook Pro and other stand alone desktop or laptop devices.  You can not do the same exact things on a iPad that you can on a MacBook Pro.  But your are not attempting to do that.  With the Windows design, it is broaching the idea that Tablet or PC you want to do the same thing; Surf the web.

90% of web surfing comes on Tablets.  So when someone has the other devices, not Tablets; what do people want to do? Short answer “People want to WORK”.  One stat showed that 98.1 of all web traffic on tables came from iPad. Another report showed that 89.1 of global web traffic came from iPads.  Windows is working to help non-Apple based products car back out their portion of a dwindling niche.

Granted a report stated that 80% of traffic on the web came from desktops.  The remaining 20 are mobile devices where traffic is carved up and dominated by Apple.  The Samsung Galaxy is the only other device many consumers not consumed by Apple produces seem to love.  Fact remains, Apple’s share of the home computer base continues to rise.  It’s jumped from 4% in 2006 to nearly 14% in 3rd quarter of 2012.  The overall PC purchase as a whole has declined with the onset of new web centric mobile devices market. Apple dominate the perennially growing Tablet market with a more than 50% share in Q3 of 2012.

What does it all mean?  Windows 8 is great for Windows effort to compete.  People will deal with the pain of Windows 8 because they really don’t have a choice.  Since having the choice, they choose tablets andMicrosoft 2010 overwhelmingly choose Apple more than all other devices combined.  And even when they do buy the other devices, 98% of all mobile tables web traffic comes from Apple devices. So Windows 8 has a long way to go, but luckily this is part of Microsoft’s plan for a new beginning.

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4 Comments to "Who Else Hates Windows 8?"

  1. marcus dawes says:

    I’m a Mac guy also with a Samsung Galaxy S III. Good phone in comparison to the Blackberry I just left. But I’m not a huge Windows 8 fan either. KEEP IT SIMPLE!!

    • CashFlowsToo says:

      No Doubt.. Gotta Keep it Simple. Blackberry is updated a new process to have apps developed by developers “Ala Facebook.” They hope to catch up fast because they have a loyal following. I hope they can compete. I’m a RIM “Blackberry Shareholder too” Call it hedging my bet a little bit.

  2. Hey there, I just hopped over to your site thru StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might typically browse, but I enjoyed your views none the less. Thank you for making some thing worth browsing.

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